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          [Clarification Statement] ASM Pacific Technology

          Dec 2, 2019 – Clarification Statement:

          It has come to the attention of the ASM Pacific Technology Group that an article headlined “Hong Kong’s ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. Participates in the Riots in Hong Kong” has been and is being circulated on the internet. All claims made in the article are untrue and are malicious falsehoods. The Group has not participated or does it participate in the development and/or distribution of an online game titled “香城Online”, or any online games. Neither has the Group funded nor does it fund the alleged activities.

          The Group does not have any affiliation with any political parties.

          The Group strongly condemns the individuals who made and/or spread malicious falsehoods against it and we reserve our rights against them. The Group also condemns any claim or comment made in any forum that are intended to cause divisions and hatred between groups and society at large.

          Mr Lee Wai Kwong

          Group CEO, ASM Pacific Technology Group